Real Estate

Real Estate

The real estate market is fast paced and rapidly shifting. When it comes to putting together a media campaign, you have to be able to move just as quickly while still creating a beautiful, high-quality outcome.

The right kind of real estate media allows prospective buyers to step into a home and its lifestyle, experiencing it in its very best light. Our real estate media leads to more viewers and better sales. 

Videos .

Video is becoming standard for marketing the more high-end listings and appealing to a broader range of potential buyers. In fact, there’s no better way to highlight a home’s unique features than through a well-executed video. We can help you create stunning and strategic videos that sell the dream of owning and living in that home. 

Whenever possible, we plan a visit to the home a day or so before the shoot so we can map out the shots, see the flow of the home, its natural light and what we might need to do to enhance it. We’ll also consider whether aerial shots will add necessary context and impact. 

Taking the time to set up the shoot well immediately enhances the production value. And good content leads to good clients.

Photographs .

Real estate photography is essential to selling a home, and selling it well. It will leave the first and most important impression on potential buyers, whether it’s on signage or online. So ensuring you’re having the most strategic impact with your photography is vital.

We also love to create a full media campaign, including video and photography, which work together to enhance the whole listing.

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Our scaled range of content packages means you can find the perfect suite of services for you and your business. 

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